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Aug 27 '07

9:13 PM

Doc Killingsworth - Warmachine

Well, I dunno - maybe I've completely lost whatever ability I used to have  

I painted this guy up and thought he was looking great! Took my time, tried to be neat, highlited, weathered, even weathered his pants and his apron with weathering powder to make him look grubby....

Then I take a picture, and see him close up. Hm - maybe it's my glasses!

Anyway, here he is.

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Posted by Jarrett:

Mostly when the baby goes to bed at ~ 7:30 pm or later. My wife often works night shifts. Heck, I have too MUCH time on my hands most of the time.
Sep 3 '07 @ 2:09 PM

Posted by Glenn Bell:

How do you find time to paint, I use to paint all the time now I have 1 daughter and twin boys on the way. UGH!!! I miss painting!!!
Sep 3 '07 @ 1:58 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Thanks James - you could be right...I suppose maybe I'm finding myself not liking my own slowly changing style or something like that :) I'll just have to keep at it and try to get to a point where I please my eye heh.
Sep 1 '07 @ 4:29 PM

Posted by James Penny:

Well I think he looks great, and from what I've seen of your earlier work in your gallery, it just seems to me like mabey your style is changing a little bit. I find myself comparing my work to older stuff and thinking the same thing, but is it that it's not really worse, but only different?

I dunno mabey I'm out in left field with a hockey stick :)


Aug 31 '07 @ 7:08 PM

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