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Aug 21 '07

6:00 PM

A WIP shot!

So I said I'd try posting a bit more WIP - and here's an example. This was done last night as I started out painting Epic Skarre, Queen of the (broken coast?). So far I'm pretty happy with how it's going. She's looking a bit sloppy due to a fair number of various washes. I plan to use water effects around the base of the wreckage, and to paint some greenish stains on it and stuff like that.

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Posted by Jarrett:

Yeah, I guess that's usually how I do it (face is usually quite late in the process). Also sometimes I avoid doing things that would be easy to wreck and hard to fix later (like the flesh) until other parts are done first. Since this photo I did some more work I'll maybe try to post this evening if I have time.
Aug 22 '07 @ 3:21 PM

Posted by Anonymous:

It looks pretty darn good thus far, I really like the sword. Looking forward to see the water effects. I just started myself on my first water-scenic base, so looking for all the angles I can get. :p

Do you always start with the larger parts painted first, and then go for the tiny details like the face?

Please keep us updated on your progress.
Aug 22 '07 @ 2:02 PM

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