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Aug 20 '07

7:24 PM

This n' That

Ok, so I'll refrain from posting those AT-43 repaints here and will save them for the Rackham forums    Meanwhile, in the world of regular unpainted metal, I think I'm going to do a few character pieces starting with Epic Skarre (Warmachine) and then possibly a couple of Reaper women (haven't done a Reaper fig in a long time.

Got the latest White Dwarf the other day and they have a number of spreads of the new Chaos Marine plastic sets.  I gotta say I like what they are doing with their plastic kits, in particular the Terminator Lord looks like fun   I only wish they could get their black primer to get along better with plastic (seems like regardless of what I do, and how far I spray from, I end up with etched surfaces which drives me bonkers).

I also ordered (from a local store) a couple of figures from Enigma, who I had not really heard of until now. The detail on their figures looks really amazing and just overall they have a lot of character. I ordered Thorvin "The Great" (dwarf) and Lathiem Oak Leaf (Barbarian type). Hopefully I can paint those up soonish. I find lately I'm really dissatisfied with my one-off miniature paintjobs which might explain my drifting into re-painting the prepainted stuff.  I either get halfway through a figure and stop because I feel like it sucks, or I finish it and I still think it kinda sucks. lol.

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I would personally love to see some WiP photos on some of your work posted on the website. Mostly for my own use, as I want to copy your style :D, but also perhaps because if you hear other people comment your current work, you might not feel so inclined to give the work up.
Aug 21 '07 @ 1:36 AM

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