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Aug 18 '07

11:09 PM

Another AT-43 re-paint (there will probably be a few entries like in coming days)

Finished tweaking these UNA Tac-Arms. The weathering on them was so good out of the box I mostly left it alone, and stuck to edge-highlites, painting the backpacks (not shown) and their weapons.

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Posted by Anonymous:

Meh! I absolutely loved your Confrontation work! Can't you paint some of their work that you really, *really* want to paint, put them up with a reserve and if they don't sell for what you feel they are worth, it doesn't matter, because you could want to keep them for yourself instead. :)

(more Confrontation!)
Aug 21 '07 @ 1:39 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Yeah, the main reason I stopped Confrontation minis was they weren't selling as well for me as other ones like Privateer and GW.
Aug 20 '07 @ 7:44 AM

Posted by Anonymous:

Looking forward to when you start with the ordinary ones again. :p Especially your Rackham ones, like you did a few years ago, when you auctioned a lot of dirz clones on ebay! That were some sweet tiems!
Aug 20 '07 @ 7:21 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

That's ok :) I know these aren't going to be for everyone, I'm just having some fun with them for now. I'll still be painting "normal" ones too.
Aug 19 '07 @ 1:17 PM

Posted by Anonymous:

No offense, but I come to this site to see your development and your great painted miniatures, and your development on those when you attempt new techniques and all that. But these latest few pictures just bore me to death. :( I absolutely love your work (otherwise I wouldn't be coming back almost daily), but not these pre-painted ones. :(
Aug 19 '07 @ 12:55 PM

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