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Apr 15 '07

11:47 AM

Trollblood and Khador armies are now for sale

It pains me to do this, but it's time to part with my Trollbloods. They've all been painted to a very high standard for gaming (warbeasts and characters got a bit more attention than units) and never fail to draw a lot of attention from other gamers on gaming nights.  They are listed on the for sale page and you can see a small gallery of images here as well

Also for sale is my beautiful Karchev the Terrible Khador army. I say beautiful because I spent a ton of time on these guys and the red blending and overall appearance just leap off the table they look so good. These guys also got a lot of attention on game nights    Note this army includes the group below as well as a Khador mortar team painted to same standard, you can see here.  I actually won a steamroller tournament with this force - it's very effective.


Note that I have listed an estimated shipping cost for each army, but buyer will pay exact shipping (lower or higher as case may be, depending on destination and service requested).

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