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Mar 4 '07

11:19 AM

For Sale Page Updated

Hey folks, some new items added to the for sale page - both painted and unpainted, including some Eldar stuff (it doesn't look like my Eldar army plan is going to get off the ground). I'm also giving strong consideration to selling my Trollbloods or Khador (not sure yet) and staying focused on Everblight.

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Posted by Jeff Collins:

Let me know if you do decide to sell the Trolls, they look awesome.
Mar 29 '07 @ 7:08 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Yeah, but daddy needs the money :) I was actually painting the Krielstone unit last night in preparation for this. But I was also prepping my Warmongers for painting. I'm definitely dedicated to Everblight.

By the way, awesome to see a non-spam comment posted! Thanks :)
Mar 28 '07 @ 10:48 AM

Posted by Brad:

I love the trollbloods, dont sell them! At the hordes release they were the Kickass models
Mar 28 '07 @ 9:46 AM

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