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Feb 23 '07

12:48 PM

Status Report!

Hey guys - I guess I burned out slightly painting up the 2 entries for the Golden Goblin, and haven't really picked up a brush since then. Every once in a while I take a 2-3 week hiatus. The release of WoW: Burning Crusade hasn't helped matters (level 70 mage).

I'm actually looking to paint up some Dark Angel figs. The Eldar are probably going by the wayside - I spent a long time on the Farseer for the competition, but I get the feeling he didn't really resonate with people. I'll probably put some of my unpainted eldar up on the for sale page, which has seen some movement recently (sold some Warmachine product - list is updated).

I see also that the spammers are posting comments again. Apparently the image verification doesn't work so hot. Sigh.

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