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Jan 27 '07

8:32 AM

My Golden Goblin Entries

Update: Just got home - I was a bit surprised by this, but my entries each took first place in their respective categories! I fully expected to lose to the Helbrecht model but in the staff voting it seems I edged it out by 1 point (I'd need to hold the model and take a very close look to understand why). Almost felt guilty winning! But I do feel great that the extra time and care I put into these 2 pieces paid off. It's nice to do something high-quality after cranking out so many "gaming" models.

I also met come great people who I've known online for a long time, such as Glyn Evans and Dan Byer (among others). There was a ton of great work on display, everyone was on top of their game.

Special mention to a heavily converted Chaos Giant in the Fantasy category - the conversion was awesome, and even the painting was hot too. I wasn't sure I'd be able to beat it but in the end it didn't place, which surprised me a bit. However, a Goblin Champ which immediately jumped out at me (despite it's small size) took second if I'm not mistaken.

Photos of my entries:

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Jul 9 '07 @ 7:35 AM

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Posted by Glyn (Zaphod) Evans:

Yeah that came off a lot harsher than I meant. I think a combination of the lighting and the fact that the freehand was covered up maybe makes me think that.

Just not my style is all. I didn't mean anything quite so abrupt by it :)
Feb 1 '07 @ 7:02 AM

Posted by ThatGuy:

wow Glyn, that's a pretty negative take on the Helbrecht model. Just my opinion, but I thought it was the best painted model in the competition(any category). You can tell that the weathering on the cloak was on purpose (it was over some wicked freehand). Made it look like he hadn't just walked out of the department store, and had actually seen some action in it. His entries last year were insane!
Feb 1 '07 @ 1:15 AM

Posted by Rick Taylor:

Winning or not winning at a small local show isn't whats important. Seeing other
peoples work and talking to other painters
in the hobby is more important. I've been
to shows in Europe and the United States
and find the competitive nature of people,
wrecks sharing the hobby and promoting it
too younger generations
Jan 31 '07 @ 8:04 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

It did, yes.
Jan 29 '07 @ 2:00 PM

Posted by Glyn (Zaphod) Evans:

I knew right off that your Farseer was likely going to win. Good showing all around! It was great to finally meet you and some other folks from around the weeb as well. Funny, I thought the Helbrecht model look so overweathered (or something) that the work on the back of the cloak was lost. It would likely have not made first cut if I was judging... It didn't win 2nd did it?
Jan 29 '07 @ 12:59 PM

Posted by Mengu:

Congrats Jarrett. Haven't seen the other entries but these look quite deserving for a pair of first places. I especially like the Giant's super smooth skin. And on the farseer, your placement of color is very exemplary of a good composition. Great job on both.
Jan 29 '07 @ 5:08 AM

Posted by Dan Byer:

Congrats, Jarrett, those were some cool models. I really like the colorful palette on the Giant, and the trim of the Farseer was a real eye-catcher. I'll try to get my entries finished earlier next time so I can give everybody a run for their money ;)
Jan 28 '07 @ 3:12 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

yes, yes I did notice that :)
Jan 27 '07 @ 8:37 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

congrats man, nice entries.
you know you can see the "flaw" in your giand in that second pic
Jan 27 '07 @ 4:05 PM

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