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Jan 7 '07

6:59 PM

Back to work :|

Man - that was a heck of a vacation. Felt like forever. I got lots of painting done and spent plenty of quality times with my baby boy   Good times. It's hard to go back to the daily grind now.

I added a couple of links to the expanded links page - check out Brokenblade if you haven't already, Joseph has some awesome stuff.

I'll be entering the Golden Goblins this year after a 2 (3?) year hiatus from competing in it. For sure I'll have a 40k entry (almost done actually) which seems like my first display/contest quality miniature in ages. I'll also look at entering the WFB category and maybe even LOTR if I have time. The 40k entry only took me a few nights to complete so I should have time to do more.

I have some painted minis to sell (including the Old Witch of Khador and maybe even the Bokur from Warmachine) as well as a small mountain of blisters and box sets. Need the dough. Unfortunately I seem to be too lazy at the moment to set up the auctions or for sale page. Pretty sad I tell ya!

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