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Jan 4 '07

12:43 AM

AT-43 From Rackham

Hey folks! I picked up the starter set for the new Rackham game AT-43 (called Operation Damocles). It's a new sci-fi tabletop game using pre-painted miniatures. I have to say the quality of the pre-painted figs is quite high right out of the box, and below is an example of one I painted up to crispen it and add some darklines, a proper face, and highlights.  The one on the left is out of the box, the one on the right is painted a bit. He looks pretty good for basic gaming and it only involved a few paint colors and a half hour at the most (and that's before I got the colors figured out etc).

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Around 60 USD for the boxed game.
Jan 14 '07 @ 7:17 AM

Posted by Marky Mark:

how much did it cost?
Jan 14 '07 @ 12:08 AM

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