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Dec 30 '06

11:20 PM

Starting on some Legion of Everblight

Y'know, as much as I love how my painted Trollbloods look....I'm starting to think I suck with them. Hard. I'm losing a lot and wondering if maybe my style of play (somewhat non-clever) is more suited to the Legion. I've had a box set lying around for ages and have started painting them up - first one completed is a Carnivean I'm very happy with. Next up will be the warlock Thagrosh, a few Shredders...maybe a Forsaken and some Swordsmen....

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Feb 26 '07 @ 8:53 AM

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Posted by Jarrett:

The armor plates are really straightforward - basically just black which I highlited up by adding Hawk Tourquoise to the black for several layers. The edges went up to pure Tourquoise and then TQ + Stone Grey (Fortress Grey). The flesh is done with VMC Pale Blue Grey mixed with just a hint of blue-violet.

Glad you like him!
Dec 30 '06 @ 11:29 PM

Posted by Gryphin:

wow. not alot of peices just make me stop and go "damn, sweet",but this one did. I really like the purple/turquoise look to the armor plates. Far more insidious looking than the dirt-brown of the studio look. What colors were used in that one? wanting to have my Legion done like this would get me off of my ass as far as Hordes goes and get my Legion painted.
Dec 30 '06 @ 11:25 PM

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