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Dec 29 '06

1:22 PM

Seasons Greetings n' Stuff!

Just a quick post to say Happy Holidays to everyone.  Im in the middle of a 2-week vacation and enjoying every minute of it, although Id love to get more painting done. Right now I'm facing a daunting number of figures to paint:

- Dire Troll Mauler Extreme, Fell Caller, Pyre Troll, Krielstone Bearers for my Trollbloods army

- Misc Warmachine and Hordes minis I got for Christmas, for ebay sale (Epic Skarre, Brute Thrall among others)

- The Eldar army - I'm starting to doubt I'll be able to get through the whole army to be honest. Not sure yet what my plan is. I do have the Fire Dragons nearly done and a bunch of other stuff assembled, primed etc

- A bunch of Tyranid work for a friend

- Completion of a Tomb Spyder for the fine gentleman who bought the Necron army a while back

Yep, the painting table is a wee bit busy.

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