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Dec 16 '06

8:24 AM

Grissel Bloodsong

Yesterday I completed Grissel for my Trollblood force (as such, she is not bound for Ebay). I didn't like this model when I first saw it, but I've warmed to it now that I've painted it up.

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Nov 16 '07 @ 3:39 PM

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Posted by Alden:

Hello Jarrett,
I'm very impressed with your painting technique. how do I contact you? what is your Email?
Dec 22 '06 @ 10:31 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Thanks! And yep, that's basically what it is (cork, some pumice putty, some slate balast for the "rockfall" part). Thin washes of greens, yellows etc to stain the rock. I'm quite happy with the result.
Dec 18 '06 @ 9:58 PM

Posted by Gryphin:

that base is just amazing, very nicely done. I'd love to see a walkthru of that one. Looks like cork and ballast with the usual black > dark gray > light gray work, and then washes and specific spot drybrushes of browns and yellows.

It takes a nice good quality tabletop piece, and puts it way over tabletop.
Dec 18 '06 @ 9:53 PM

Posted by JF:

Loving the contrasts and shadows on this one. Way to go!
Dec 17 '06 @ 1:13 PM

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