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Dec 9 '06

7:40 PM

Warpwolf Coming Soon

For those of you who might be bidding in, or interested in, Krueger - it may be worth noting I'm going to have a similarly-based Warpwolf up on ebay tomorrow night. I'll have pictures before then - maybe even tonight (Saturday). I'm also nearly done a Skorne Hexeris.

Update: shots of the Warpwolf

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Posted by Jarrett:

Gamers Lair (North East Edmonton, 137 ave I think) - they carry a complete line of Privateer Products.
Dec 13 '06 @ 2:15 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

hey J, where did you get your P3 paints?
I like to try out the different brands, and would like to give them a shot. It's all about convenience in finding them though, that's why I haven't tried many other than Citadel and VGC
Dec 13 '06 @ 11:38 AM

Posted by Dead-Dogg:

Yeah, no need to add anything but maybe a touch of water while base coating/layering. I can easily see adding flow extender being a source of problems while base coating. The Khador red base through experience seems to work better with 2 slightly thinned coats (touch of water only) than one thick. I have noticed the "Shrinkage" factor when the P3s dry is just a touch less than conventional acrylics.

With all honestly, I find myself using a lot less additives with P3s. About the only time I use them now is when Im making a wash, I add a small amount of matte medium. To add a touch of body, extend out the paint a touch and to knock down the egg shell sheen a bit when washing with the P3s.

I can see what your also saying about the metalics. Silvers I'm still on the fence about and keep going back and forth to see what Im liking. Golds however I'm leaning more towards P3s, but can easily see people going for either.

The most impressive thing for me in the P3s are the lighter tones or their coverage even while remaining fluid, and the overall palette. Mike isnt to fond of other brands palette selection and he and Ali really went to town on the color selection. Especially a few of the unique colors in the second wave.
Dec 11 '06 @ 11:21 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

PSS - I also like the bone effect I got from the P3's on Hexeris (bones on his shoulders). So I think it's probably a paint-by-paint thing for me, as mentioned. Some are awesome, some I'm not so keen on.
Dec 11 '06 @ 10:16 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

PS - I think maybe part of my initial problems with the P3s was that I was trying to use a flow-extender mix with them, and apparently that's not a good idea (ie just use plain water to thin them, for better results).
Dec 11 '06 @ 10:10 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

I've actually been waiting to receive some Rackham paints and was going to post a sort of "paint roundup" on the site for all the manufacturers. I find the P3's go on a bit thin for my liking on larger surfaces - I seem to end up with chalky, uneven coverage for some reason (I realize "chalky" is kinda impossible as they are liquid-pigment paints). For example, Krueger's lower cloak is done with P3 and I find it looks a bit rough for some reason. For me, Vallejo Model Colors go on *dramatically* smoother and cleaner. I actually think they are nearly unbeatable - but they are less durable.

I'm least happy with the P3 metallics - I find them kinda watery and streaky. I think Boltgun (GW) still reigns supreme for me, as well as VGC Tinny Tin mixed with other yellow-metal VGC colors.

I also was a bit disappointed by Khador Red base, as I don't find it covers black quite as miraculously as some folks seem to have indicated :)

Having said all that, I do really like the P3's for some things like fleshtones and leather tones. To be honest, I tend to be loyal to paint lines "by the color" as opposed to liking an entire line by itself. My paint racks are filled with multiple manufacturers as I gravitate towards the best one for any particular color pot.
Dec 11 '06 @ 10:08 AM

Posted by Dead-Dogg:

Hey Jarrett, So what are your thoughts on the P3s? You mentioned some love/hate going on, just curious and wanted to see if I can add a little of my experience to the pool.
Dec 11 '06 @ 9:31 AM

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