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Nov 21 '06

6:24 PM

Sorry for the lack of updates

I have done some painting lately - I nearly finished my unit of Fire Dragons and I've been doing some more Tyranid work for a friend. But I have to admit I'm finding my painting time erroded by the recent purchase of Gears of War for 360 (spectacular) and a Nintendo Wii....
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Posted by Jarrett:

Wii was fun but broke on me after 2 hours (power adapter I think). They are sending a new power cord in the mail. I finished GoW on Co-op (SO DAMN GOOD) and now I mostly play Versus multiplayer. Oh and I try to paint sometimes too :) I have a Hordes Warlock I'll post soonish (Krueger the Stormwrath).
Nov 29 '06 @ 1:44 PM

Posted by Aaron:

GoW was awesome - oh so good. I'm loving my Wii so far - Zelda, Wii Sports, Rayman and Excite Truck - all damn fun.
Nov 29 '06 @ 1:39 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

how is the Wii so far?
finished GoW last week, playing it through again, still loving it.
Nov 29 '06 @ 12:12 PM

Posted by Brad:

That game rocks. Nothing like the sound of the basic hand to hand wepon (chain saw) spraying a nice amount of gore across the screen!
Nov 22 '06 @ 2:26 PM

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