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Oct 27 '06

6:35 PM

Less Pink, more Deep Purple

Hey folks,

Feedback seems pretty consistent that I drifted too "pink/lavender" on the Vyper. Future Eldar models will be done in a considerably darker purple.  Stay tuned - got the army box and ready to put models together.  By the way, any tips from you players on how to equip the Wraithlord?

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Posted by Rick Allen:

I would do magnet mounts for all the weapons. I am a gluton for punishment though.

Oct 30 '06 @ 7:03 AM

Posted by Marky Mark:

I thought it was going to be a conversion
I like my holding an eldar missile launcher as a pistol better
Oct 29 '06 @ 8:53 PM

Posted by Dan Byer:

Oct 29 '06 @ 8:41 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Havent seen it, and couldn't find it when I went looking just now...
Oct 29 '06 @ 7:16 PM

Posted by Dan Byer:

It's hard to say no to a Brightlance. Have you seen Dragonsreach's conversion on the Coolmini forums yet? He has his Wraithlord holding a brightlance like a rifle, looks hot :)
Oct 29 '06 @ 3:02 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

Bright Lance / Sword and one of each of the wrist mounted weapons (for your first one anyway!)
Oct 28 '06 @ 10:56 AM

Posted by Brad:

Baby goblins are crying in heaven Jarrett. I really liked the colors you had going. Please feel free to contact me to give your unchosen color scheme eldar a new loving home.
*goblin Harp music heard Now*
Cheers, B o:)
Oct 28 '06 @ 9:37 AM

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