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Oct 22 '06

6:47 PM

Eldar Vyper

Here's an Eldar Vyper I did in that vaguely easter-eggy colorscheme I've been working on

I may paint the rims of the glass canopy purple - not sure yet.  Notice many of the gems are done

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Posted by Guiteaud:

Posted by Marky Mark:

you what.....YOU WHAT!
I ordered it the day it became available!
where is my Avatar!
Oct 27 '06 @ 12:50 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Sadly my wife is picking it up, but maybe I'll see it on the weekend. I'm not sure what I'll paint next...I have the Wraithguard and the Guardians with Support Platform in progress. I also have the Forgeworld Avatar assembled. Also want to paint the Fire Dragons. ARGH :D
Oct 26 '06 @ 1:05 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

so, what's next for you?
I say the dire avengers, they're so hot!
check out my scorpion when you get your box army
Oct 26 '06 @ 12:11 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

(highlited by adding white for a number of layers).
Oct 24 '06 @ 10:20 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

That's Jade Green :)
Oct 24 '06 @ 5:20 PM

Posted by Danny:

what green is that? It compliments the purple fantastically!
Oct 24 '06 @ 12:53 PM

Posted by Brad:

Lookin' good Jarrett! It works for me, screams eldar. The gems look very good too! Also you are doing some nicely highlighted greys on the side intakes. Tres Nice, me likey!
Cheers, B
Oct 23 '06 @ 7:31 PM

Posted by Langor:

The purple on the viper is a few shades brighter, making it look more like an easter egg than the other models. Maybe a few ink washes or and new paintjob would darken it up. Looking at it beside the other models in the army makes the difference fairly obvious. Looks nice though :) I do like the colors
Oct 23 '06 @ 8:35 AM

Posted by Marky Mark:

just build your fire prisims, you'll win every time (in DOW)
Oct 22 '06 @ 10:42 PM

Posted by Gryphin:

personally, the purple needs to be darker. It's a little too much easter-egg for me. It's very eldar, but far too bright for my own tastes. The scheme looked great on the wraithguard, but just turns me off on the Vyper.
Oct 22 '06 @ 9:55 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Something tells me I wouldn't do well with an Eldar army - when I try to play them in Dawn of War I get totally destroyed. Meanwhile I do pretty good with other races.
Oct 22 '06 @ 9:24 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

I'm seeing the easter egg more (reminds me of cadbury mini egs)
see, the more spirit stones painted the better!
I'll be nitpicky and say you should paint the frame on the canopy
but looks nice
now get an army done and actually play me a game!
army box in 4 days!
Oct 22 '06 @ 8:30 PM

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