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Oct 16 '06

6:03 PM

Another sample of that latest eldar scheme

So here's a wraith guard done in that new colorscheme. Not sure if this improves or lessens the opinions of it? Note that the tabbard is done in a different shade of purple (blue-violet by vallejo model color). Also, the helmet probably needs an eldar rune in white or black. Question is: orange gems - good or bad?

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Posted by danny:

the runes give a facelike appearance on wraithguard which would be cool. I think a simple stripe in black or dark purple running horizontally across the tabard would be fine. Overall it looks great
Oct 20 '06 @ 5:20 AM

Posted by Anonymous:

Looking good, reminds me of an Eldar colour scheme found in the RT book.
Oct 18 '06 @ 7:30 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Then again the white might tie nicely with the bone.
Oct 18 '06 @ 1:49 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

I'm actually planning to do them with water transfers :) So maybe if I'm going to go light colored, I should go black. Basically choices are black or white, or paint over the white to make it yellow for example. I'm leaning to black...
Oct 18 '06 @ 1:48 PM

Posted by Dan Byer:

I definitely think this is the best one so far. The two-tone gun makes a big difference! If you had to do runes, I'd say go with either bone or dark purple. I wouldn't try anything too vibrant. Maybe doing a bone trim to the tabard would be better than a rune? Eldar runes usually look best when they're a long line of impossibly small characters, and that's insane for an entire army.
Oct 18 '06 @ 1:26 PM

Posted by Gryphin:

I think it looks great. Runes would be a great addition. a dark purple or dark blue, both a singular one on the helmet, and one on the tabard to tie it all together. Dunno about the yellow for runes tho, that might stand out a little too much. If it were me, I'd favor a little less contrast in the runes on the tabard, hence a darker-than-the-cloth idea. Right now, you've got a good smooth color set, that leaves the bright areas for emphasizing the guns and helmets. Trying to add a third emphasis in there might overwhelm it.
Oct 18 '06 @ 1:07 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Last night I did a bunch of work on a Vyper. What I've done is taken the gems more into the red/bright spectrum (while maintaining the orange flavor) and they look pretty hot I think. I'll be doing something to spice up the tabbards on the wraithguard. I'm also likely going to add eldar runes in yellow.
Oct 18 '06 @ 7:54 AM

Posted by BenK:

Jarrett, I really think the orange gems are good. They stand out nicely without going over the top. I do think something needs to be done with the tabard though. It looks unfinished as close as it matches the armor. I do not think any more gems need to be done though. Ben
Oct 18 '06 @ 7:39 AM

Posted by Marky Mark:

do 1 with the stones and 1 without, I guarantee, in such a large area of a solid colour, the stones will just make it "pop"
Oct 17 '06 @ 6:28 PM

Posted by marc yablon:

very good the orange contrasts the blue in a good way.
Oct 17 '06 @ 10:56 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

I dunno, there's almost so many it gets silly. Even the official GW ones don't seem to have all the stones painted.
Oct 17 '06 @ 10:41 AM

Posted by Marky Mark:

I like em, but I think the orange is too dark
and, I really think you need to do all of the spirit stones (heck, I did like 150 of them on the new wraithlord)
Oct 17 '06 @ 10:39 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

When you say "nay-sayer", you mean you like them? Bit confused :)
Oct 17 '06 @ 8:17 AM

Posted by Marky Mark:

I hate to be the nay-sayer here, but they look imho alot like these
which are super hot

I'd go way brighter on the orange, do the stones on the gun, and do something on the loincloth
hehehe, picky picky
Oct 16 '06 @ 9:32 PM

Posted by Brad:

I was thinking...what about runes down the front of the cloth, it would connect it to the future rune on the helm. Maybe a blue stripe or two at the bottom of the cloth might work too?
cheers, B :)
Oct 16 '06 @ 9:00 PM

Posted by Traulen:

I really like the wraith guard as it is and specialy the gems !
Oct 16 '06 @ 8:57 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Glad you like it Brad :) Yeah, the cloth isn't great but I'm not sure I want to go for high-contrast with it, as I kinda enjoy the way the helmet stands out so much. The helmet probably needs a rune to make it look more finished, by the way. The gems came out really flat looking despite three different layers....not sure why. I will have to tweak them to more of a reddish orange as you say.

Oct 16 '06 @ 8:54 PM

Posted by Brad:

Jarrett, I think it looks wayy better. I am not thinking easter egg when I look at this, but instead really enjoy the contrast between the purple and blue, and add to this the contrast with the gems, which also tie the two colors together being on both the blue and purple. Gem colour rocks, very flame like; anyway to add some red to the orange for the final dark color highlight on gems?
The cloth section needs something...it is the only thing that doesn't sit with me, too similar to the armour all around it.
cheers, B
Oct 16 '06 @ 8:39 PM

Posted by GAR:

Orange gems are good. But it still looks like an Easter Egg. Maybe an eldar rune shaped like a bunny??

If nothing else it is very eyecatching as is.
Oct 16 '06 @ 7:09 PM

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