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Oct 12 '06

7:45 PM

Yet another colorscheme tweak

I changed the helmet to a more golden yellow color - is that any better than the original bright yellow?  Worse?

I can't believe the trouble I'm having settling on something

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Dec 30 '06 @ 6:59 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

PS - I guess I'm thinking of a cyan hue. Teal is a bit darker.
Oct 15 '06 @ 5:26 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Im thinking maybe I'll try a light tourquoise...is that kinda like teal? I can never remember what teal looks like :)

I'll change the bases to black, that's no biggie.
Oct 15 '06 @ 5:23 PM

Posted by Dan Byer:

I prefer teal and purple to blue and purple, but both work well when combined well. Like any scheme it's about balance and placement really.
Oct 15 '06 @ 12:08 AM

Posted by Anonymous:

Purple and blue could work together depending on the type of contrast you are going for. Complementing the combination with either a yellowish orange for a split complementary scheme or green if you want to stay with analogous colours. Mixing a little bit of the same colour with each tint to produce a camaieu could help too.

But otherwise, I’m not too excited about the colour scheme you got going here for some reasons and I do not have any constructive remarks to make, nor do I have anything else to propose - but just like everyone else, I got an opinion though :P

Maybe desaturating the yellow would provide a nice result. I did a few test with Photoshop but without any good results.

As for the base, I’d go with dark grey. As it is, the brown clashes with the nuances of the model.
Oct 14 '06 @ 2:13 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

I think it would have to be yellow, because green and blue maybe not such a hot combo :)
Oct 14 '06 @ 10:32 AM

Posted by P Gordon:

As long as it's a light blue I think that would look pretty good. What colour would you do the gems? Yellow?
Oct 14 '06 @ 9:31 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Silly question: do blue and purple go together or do they clash?
Oct 13 '06 @ 11:14 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

I tells ya
the first helmet
and the current body / gem scheme (with more spirit stones finished) is the winning combo.
your name is down, so good luck!
Oct 13 '06 @ 9:37 PM

Posted by Gryphin:

A blue in this same level of contrast would look great with it.
Oct 13 '06 @ 8:14 PM

Posted by Brad:

I prefer the second yellow of the two. The green is too dark, needs to be paller/pastel...what I think might look smart is a very pale blue.
cheers, B
Oct 13 '06 @ 4:21 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

I'm on the road today but I think I'll try a bright orange helmet as one more pass (think the orange from my Tau). Not sure why the base is brown - black feels a bit unfinished to me but maybe I'll revert to it.

Mark - yep, I definitely want an army.
Oct 13 '06 @ 11:07 AM

Posted by Mike Pierce:

I prefer the lighter yellow helmet as well. Gems look very nice. I agree I would like to see more of them too! ;)

I like the look of the base as well but why the brown on the sides? I personally prefer black...

Purple and bone look very nice!
Oct 13 '06 @ 9:21 AM

Posted by Traulen:

I don't like it...
What about the whole helmet being the color of the weapon ?
Oct 12 '06 @ 11:15 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

I still prefer the first helmet
but I'm liking the gemstones more and more (you just need to do more of them up!)
still want a box army? I put ya down just in case
Oct 12 '06 @ 9:42 PM

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