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Oct 9 '06

10:16 AM

Test Colors adjusted - part two

Update: here's a version in green. To be honest I think this one 's my favorite so far - the yellow just seemed too strong a contrast and jarring to me. So I think maybe purple, green and bone...by the way, I realize my gems need some work   Maybe the gems should be yellow (amber).


Here's a new shot of that Eldar, hastily re-painted with some of the feedback in mind. Still not sure about that yellow but I think the bone colored gun works much better.

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Posted by Corey Childers:

Posted by John:

Um, I like the bright yellow helmet with the purple face plate. I really do think that's the best of them all.
Oct 21 '06 @ 8:07 AM

Posted by Dan Byer:

I think the first one you did looked the best so far. The colors are good, but there could be stronger shading on the model, the gun especially. I liked how your Tau had nice strong shading (blacklining, I suppose), they were a bit closer to the GW aesthetic and I liked it. BTW shading down Codex Grey with Scorched Brown, and hilighting by mixing Bone into the Codex works awesome to get a stone kinda look. I think that's what you were going for on the grey guns. Might be worth playing around with.

PS. More contrast
Oct 11 '06 @ 9:27 PM

Posted by Rod:

Yup. That'd be me. Been a while.
Oct 10 '06 @ 7:57 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Rod O'? Thanks, and you too! :)
Oct 10 '06 @ 6:50 PM

Posted by Rod:

Not at all related to the figure (which is quite good...no surprise, really, you always kicked ass at this stuff)and a little late, but I just found this site today...

Congrats on the little guy, Jarrett. I hope you're doing well.
Oct 10 '06 @ 6:15 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Yep, good call! I'll lighten them up.
Oct 9 '06 @ 7:34 PM

Posted by P Gordon:

Perfect. Go with the green. I'd keep the gems green too. Try light green maybe?
Oct 9 '06 @ 7:14 PM

Posted by dhanley:

how bout a pastel purple for the helmet, vallejo makes a great shade of purple Doctor Faust painting clinic based the eldar project around it. It has always been a fav here. Definitely stick with the white face plates.
Oct 9 '06 @ 6:30 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

I'm gonna try a dark green helmet. I think green might look cooler with the purple and bone...

Not sure - I just have picked up lots of time-saving tricks over the years, although none of them are conscious...it's just the way I work these days I guess :)
Oct 9 '06 @ 2:53 PM

Posted by Daryl:

Hooray! I was impressed with the Tau, so now I have something new to look forward to. ;)

I guess the simplest solution would be to paint up three or four Guardians with the different colours you're considering, and line them up against one another. You'll get an idea pretty quick about which colours you want to emphasize and which you want to drop. Since only the head is really in debate, it wouldn't take long to repaint the rejects accordingly.

Also, how do you manage to paint so fast? I can barely manage a figure a month, let alone whole units!
Oct 9 '06 @ 2:28 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Another army extravaganza :)
Oct 9 '06 @ 2:10 PM

Posted by Daryl:

The above was me again. :S
Oct 9 '06 @ 2:02 PM

Posted by Anonymous:

Making the helmet the same bone colour as the gun would certainly work, but it might end up looking more bland than the yellow. Eldar definitely shine with two bright contrasting colours, which is why I'm partial to the yellow helmet with the purple body; the yellow and purple contrast well while the yellow and bone coincide with each other. I think bone for the helmet might be too understated. Then again, they're just guardians. Making them purposefully less colourful in comparison to Aspect warriors could work on an army-wide scale. I guess it depends on what you're planning - another army extravaganza like the Tau, or just a singular unit?
Oct 9 '06 @ 2:02 PM

Posted by Traulen:

Hello, like I said in my first comment : I totaly agree with a bone colored helmet ! :)
Oct 9 '06 @ 12:06 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Think it would look dumb to have the helmet bone colored like the weapon is?
Oct 9 '06 @ 11:59 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Probably camera and lighting. Hmmm....ok I guess I can go back to the white mask.
Oct 9 '06 @ 11:05 AM

Posted by Daryl:

The bone colour works so much better than the grey did. I think it's a definite step in the right direction. I prefered the white mask for the helmet, however. This photo appears darker overall than the previous one. I can't tell if it's just the camera playing tricks or if you intentionally darkened everything, but I actually like the darker colour.
Oct 9 '06 @ 11:02 AM

Posted by Marky Mark:

I actually prefer the helmet on the first one you painted.
if I can put in my 2C about the yellow,
don't put the heads on the model.
I made a simple head painting rig with a dowel, and a bunch of paper clips drilled through it. Prime the bodies black, prime the heads white, and go from there

oh, and as tedious as it may be, paint more of the spirit stones, it makes the model pop more
Oct 9 '06 @ 10:31 AM

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