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Sep 26 '06

8:11 AM

Bit of a hiatus

I'm not dead (or even severely wounded) - just on one of my multi-week breaks that happen from time to time.  I really need to get to work on finishing off those Tau, as well as doing some Tyranid work for a friend.  I also would like to paint up the Spider Rider goblins although I'm not really keen on the first test spider I painted. Didn't look as good as I hoped it would

In the meantime, lots of long-dormant (and not so long dormant) sites have great updates you should be checking out!


Dragon-Miniatures (woohoo, Mayne is back!)

Miniaturespace (not dormant, but some nice new stuff to see)

Griffin Painting (love the new Gobbo warboss!)

- Jarrett

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