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Sep 10 '06

6:30 PM

First Night Goblins Up for Sale

I love'em, but not allowed to keep'em   Hope you like! They are on ebay this week with no buy-it-now option.

Night Goblin Spearmen

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Posted by charlly korpa:

My friends and I are really interested to buy this First Night Goblins. Is this available on eBay? How much does it cost for one piece? Is there any discount offers available for this item? Recommended CBD Dosages Could you please upload some images of them?
May 14 '20 @ 12:04 AM

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Posted by Brad:

I got it, but its proving to be a pain in the put together dept.
Sep 12 '06 @ 8:45 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

I opted not to buy that one. It's good but didn't quite float my boat enough for the price. Shields are just a mix of tinny tin and brassy brass.
Sep 12 '06 @ 8:39 PM

Posted by Brad:

ok, i will give that a try for the metal...are the sheilds done like that too?
Were you able to get your hands on the goblin fanatic being thrown out of the ranks?
cheers again, B
Sep 12 '06 @ 8:36 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Wish I could say my goblin skin was anything fancy....but it's goblin green, then goblin-scorpion 50/50, then scorpion. The metals are boltgun with silver highlites, then washed with numerous inks and glazes basically "till it looks right" :)
Sep 12 '06 @ 7:07 PM

Posted by Brad:

Jarrett, how did you do the metals, they are fantasticly dirty looking!
Also, do you have a goblin skin recipe?
Sep 12 '06 @ 7:05 PM

Posted by Langor:

Nice looking unit Jarrett. Though it does pain me to see all that work go up for sale. I like the metals on the spears and banner, paint up those spider riders next :P
Sep 11 '06 @ 7:45 AM

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