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Aug 20 '06

10:43 AM

Necrons Tonight

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Posted by Langor:

Cool, I just need stuff to look at and comment on while I am at work :P
Sep 1 '06 @ 1:54 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Heh :) I've been in New York for a few days on business but also, like I mentioned, grotesquely addicted to the LOTR ccg :) I'm going to try and finish up the Tau army (SO many corroded fire warriors has really killed that project, I can barely salvage 2 squads) and I do need to paint some new stuff.

I'll probably paint up some of the new Warhammer plastics when they release Sept 9 as well.
Aug 31 '06 @ 1:13 PM

Posted by Langor:

Geez, guy starts selling minis again and stops painting. Bad Jarrett Bad! Where is the new stuff?
Aug 31 '06 @ 1:05 PM

Posted by Langor:

boo-urns INDEED!!!
Aug 21 '06 @ 3:03 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

you punked out on me this time!
not a single game in, and you're selling it
Aug 20 '06 @ 12:29 PM

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