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Aug 10 '06

8:08 PM

Addiction is bad

Y'know, in all my years as a Nerd (note capital N) I've never, ever played a CCG (collectible card game). Not Magic the Gathering, not anything.

So imagine my surprise when my buddy introduces me to the Lord of the Rings TCG (trading card game) and BAM - huge addiction. I'm buying cards like crazy and even playing the online version. There's something just wicked fun about it. Funny thing is the movies have come and gone (some of my favorites of course) and yet NOW is the time I choose to get into it


UPDATE: The Cygnar army is now on ebay. SOLD  

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Posted by m:

so many zombies!
have you gotten the lawnmower yet?
Aug 12 '06 @ 10:04 PM

Posted by Anonymous:

My wife has other feelings on the idea of getting this machine...
Aug 12 '06 @ 12:05 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Oh but you should get one - I love mine :D I'm just starting to play Dead Rising actually...cool game.

Aug 11 '06 @ 3:31 PM

Posted by Brad:

Tell me about it! My friend wants me to get an XBOX 360, so what does he do, he has me over and we play CHROME HOUNDS, now its all I can think about, and I don't even own the system! :-?
Aug 11 '06 @ 3:04 PM

Posted by Tim Whittemore:

Too bad there isn't a format to design/paint/print your own cards...would be a hoot to see what all of the master painters in the hobby would render... I totally know what you mean though. When flames of war came out, I was thrilled but thought, whoah tim...finish your guard army...LOL. Cheers.
Aug 10 '06 @ 9:27 PM

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