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Aug 7 '06

10:32 AM

Cygnar Army - For Sale

Hey folks! I've decided to streamline my Warmachine/Hordes forces and focus on Khador and Trollbloods. As such, I think I will part with my beautiful Cygnar army even though it took a boatload of work and never fails to get lots of attention at our gaming club.

Here's a picture of the whole force (not shown are all the cards and tokens which you will also receive). Note that I have 2 of the "buried mine" tokens painted and one seems to be lost (I usually used upside-down black WM tokens anyway).  You can see more pictures of it HERE:

The price of the army is 500 USD + 20 dollars USD for shipping. If you are interested, email me at jarrettl@shaw.ca 


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Posted by Anonymous:

Whoever decides to buy these will not be disapointed. I've seen the minis in person and they are great to see on the table. All I can say is I'm sorry to see them go and the new owner will be quite happy I'm sure with the minis.

Aug 8 '06 @ 3:39 AM

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