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Jul 14 '06

8:13 AM

Golden Demon Coverage, Nurgle Goodness etc

Hey folks. GW Canada's website finally has their technical difficulties mostly worked out, and has posted the GD 2006 results from Toronto, here:

Golden Demon Results

I have to admit, I'm a bit underwhelmed. Not sure why. For some reason, the unofficial photos I've seen online have impressed me more than this official spread. Maybe it's the photo quality or the somewhat harsh white backgrounds. In any case, I felt distinctly "blah" while viewing most of it. There are, of course, a few standouts.

I picked up the new Nurgle Demon Prince yesterday and he's already cleaned and ready to assemble. I've always been a big fan of nurgle, so I'll definitely be painting him soon and he will also definitely be an ebay piece since I'm not looking to start a Chaos army.  It has been suggested I should probably finish off my 1000 points of Necrons first (I need to do about 11 more warriors and the Lord) and that might be a good idea. Then again, maybe a short break would be a good thing

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Posted by Gryphin:

I agree, the pics are just so blah. The LoD termie squad that won Bronze had far superior pictures posted by the painter over on the B&C. GW's offical pictures don't do those models quite the justice that the painter's pics do. The Striking Scorp squad pics are horrible, can't really see anything of them. Same with the Gold single fig Kroot scout. I saw other pics of that figure that really showed the fig off well, but the GW ones are poo.
Jul 15 '06 @ 10:26 AM

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