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Jul 12 '06

6:00 PM

Immortal Image

Here's a shot of that immortal squad with the goofed up guns. They are still useable but just not as sexy as I was hoping for

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Posted by Langor:

I did indeed. I washed them down and re-inked the ones that needed it. The ink wash was just a middle step to the finished product, so it wasn't that important.

But alas, the chaos god laugh at me and my misfortune. I am ready to prime and paint my final units of warriors and I run out of Primer. AARRGGG!!!!

I had to finish priming them by hand and then basecoat. I wont be playing tonite after all :(
Jul 13 '06 @ 3:05 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Cool, thanks :) You fixed your OJ problem?
Jul 13 '06 @ 1:17 PM

Posted by Langor:

You can't say things like that Jarrett. "I wasn't trying very hard." Doesn't cut it when the unit comes out as nice as these are. JERK!

Anyways, I do like the way they came out. The guns don't look very off, it is there more-so on some. Though it isn't really noticable. Hopefully I will have my warriors playable for tonite. The Destroyers are done, all I have to do is make em playable. :P
Jul 13 '06 @ 12:46 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Thanks - yet again - Tim! :D Regarding the layering: yep, I wasn't trying very hard, these are done for gaming standard. Blending was not in the cards.
Jul 13 '06 @ 8:38 AM

Posted by TIm Whittemore:

You are too hard on yourself!!! The rate and quality you put out your work is so astonishing!!! I'm trying to get one squad and one vehicle done before GD Chicago and I'll be lucky if I get one more model done to your standard. Keep up the GREAT work and if you ever accept anymore commisions...PLEASE let me know.
Jul 12 '06 @ 10:44 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

ya, the one on the right has the layers, which doesn't show on the others (just giving you a hard time)
Jul 12 '06 @ 10:43 PM

Posted by Langor:

What about the shoulder pad? I don't see what you mean.
Jul 12 '06 @ 7:55 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Do you mean the visible layers?
Jul 12 '06 @ 6:54 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

I honestly can't tell that the guns are "goofed up".
they look pretty smart (except the guy on the right, what's with his 1 shoulder pad??)
Jul 12 '06 @ 6:08 PM

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