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Jul 12 '06

7:57 AM

Immortal bummer

Well, last night I finished the 6 immortals but I'm dissatisfied with the results. The painting and color scheme all went really well, until the point where I had to put the green rods in. They just didn't want to fit nicely, and the fronts of the guns (tips) that attach seperately aren't lining up nice and neat. So overall, what should be a cool unit in the army is now ho-hum. Any time a paintjob or project goes awry like this it throws me off my game. Hopefully I can get back into the army and at least finish 1000 points. But it's a bummer.  I should have pics maybe tonight.
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Posted by Marky Mark:

it's the old Barco-lounger destroyers, those things are indestructable!
just put em in your dishwasher, they'll be fine!
Jul 12 '06 @ 6:34 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Jul 12 '06 @ 3:14 PM

Posted by Langor:

Destroyer Bummer.

You want to know what really sets you back when it comes to building and painting a Necron Army? Spilling Orange Juice all over your freshly inked Destroyers :(

I will have to rename the army the Citrus Disco Necrons. lol
Jul 12 '06 @ 2:58 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Cant argue with that :) It's probably better to take other stuff for the points, but I'll admit 90% of my army planning is based around aesthetics :D I like the C'tan, but they seem like they aren't so hot and not worth the points. And maybe considered Cheesy by some players? I seem to recall reading that.
Jul 12 '06 @ 1:52 PM

Posted by Langor:

Well, lets not forget about those sweet looking C'tan models. They make a great centerpiece for the army. But yes, a Monolith is damn cool. Plus it will do more for your army than a C'tan. It has the firepower, can transport troops, can deep strike onto the field, and allows your necron models a re-roll on their "Will be Back" rolls. Can't go wrong with a Monolith at 1700.

I thought about using a Monolith in my 1700pts force, considering that it would not look that out of place in my Disco Necron army. I descided to take another Lord on Foot instead, and suppliment the army with more Warriors, Immortals, and Destroyers. I mean...why change a good thing? ;)
Jul 12 '06 @ 12:31 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

PS: even though it doesn't count as a Necron, I'm contemplating a Monolith at 1700 points. Main reason is I feel every army needs a focal point or centerpiece to look dead-sexy (for example, the new Nurgle demon prince in this month's white dwarf battle report). The Destroyer Lord doesn't quite hit the mark for me, it has be be bigger/cooler than that. So it seems like the Monolith is the only option.
Jul 12 '06 @ 10:03 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Probably can't be this Thursday but maybe another week (have family in town right now).

I cut the little "nibs" off one end of the rods, but I think the problem was the fatness of 2 rods was pushing apart the metal and making the tips pop off. So it looks really weird (the metal doesn't line up nice with the tips). Ah well, it's still "pretty good" looking :)
Jul 12 '06 @ 10:01 AM

Posted by Langor:

That is a bummer. I have notice much of the same with those models, the thin strips that make up the barrel of the gun easily warp and can sometimes shrink a bit. Making fitting the green rods a pain. Though I find that cutting down the rods can sometimes fix the issue.

Don't let this discourage you bro, I was just comming to post about your gaming plans for the campaign. I am planning on coming out to the Kingsway GW for some 1000pts on Thursday. I would be cool if you could make it out and have a game.

I am just finishing my Immortals Squad and will be finishing my Destroyers and Warriors for tommorow. So head out if you can :)
Jul 12 '06 @ 9:51 AM

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