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Jul 9 '06

12:08 AM

Necron Destroyers

Also finished the three Destroyers for my initial 1000 points of Necrons. I included a shot from the rear showing the gold Necron heirogliphics on their carapaces (doesn't show up that well in the photo). It's a neat subdued effect - you can only see them clearly from certain angles. I realize the red looks new and the metals very old - but I kinda like how it looks. Sorta mysterious and surreal.

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Posted by Langor:

It is nice to have, and with the res orbs the Destroyer lord and Wraiths are alot more survivable. Wargear for a destroyer Lord is nothing big, a Phylacery or a Lightning field are nice. They aren't a must though. I would do a Res Orb, Warscythe, and Phylacery. Keeps him alive and makes him a real pain for who ever you play against.
Jul 10 '06 @ 1:41 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

If I add a Destroyer Lord for my 1700 point force, should he also have a res orb for wargear?
Jul 10 '06 @ 1:00 PM

Posted by Langor:

There is an easy way to use the Destroyer Lord arm sprue (http://ca.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.ca?do=Individual&code=9947011001603&orignav=9). Just chop the claw off the lord on foot and replace with the destroyer lord arm with the orb facing up. If you don't want the big wrist guard you could probably chop just the Orb and hand off the Destroyer Lords arm, and attach it to the Lord on foot at the wrist.

Good to hear that you are going with the Lord on foot. You should find that he is a lot more useful at 1000pts.
Keep him and the Immortals in close with the warriors, that way they all get the orb ability and can all support eachother. If you eventally make that Immortal unit 10 strong, bouncing them around the board with a veil of darkness is fun/deadly :)
Jul 10 '06 @ 12:47 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Thanks! Yeah I thought about using some red on the scarabs - but they are SO lowly I thought I reserve the red only for actual Necrons. My next addition is 6 immortals. So my list will have a lord on foot (still trying to figure out how to model a res orb on him), 6 immortals, scarabs, 3 destroyers and warriors. Not sure if that gets me to 1000 or not. Probably. Then for 1700 I'll be adding 3 Wraiths, more warriors and some other stuff :)
Jul 10 '06 @ 12:27 PM

Posted by Langor:

Looking fantastic Jarrett. I notice that you and I use alot of the same colors for our necrons. I love the red trim on the destroyers, might even look cool to do the same thing on those scarabs.

Also, what did you end up having for your final 1000pts list?
Jul 10 '06 @ 12:11 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

It's basically Vallejo Model Color Black Red, and then highlites by adding red gore and then Flat Red (VMC) to that for a handful of layers. I tend not to do it the same way each time, so it's hard to give you exact ratios etc :)
Jul 10 '06 @ 7:46 AM

Posted by Shadow Fox:

The red looks Great!!! please tell what colours you used
Jul 9 '06 @ 11:37 PM

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