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Jul 2 '06

7:04 PM


Well, apparently I do find the Necrons a bit more interesting than I originally thought   I ended up buying a small force to paint up. So now I'm technically working on 3 armies: Tau, Tyranids and Necrons. Yep - I was worried I'd be painting less after a baby - and instead I'm painting 3 armies. Heh, go figure

I find Necrons an interesting challenge. The challenge is to find a scheme that (A) paints up fast (because let's face it, ~28+ Necron Warriors is not a job you want to spend weeks on), (B) Isn't super boring (boltgun drybrush) and (C) has a bit of color (which ties into B). The thing with color is the Necrons are supposed to be hella-old - so to me, bright colors don't quite look right (for the most part).

So I started out with a basic metallic color scheme that I aged a fair bit with washes of various sorts. I also tried to make the eyes "glow" green, and I wanted to keep a bit of color. Result is below. I'm doing a Cities of Death base scheme this time, by the way. There's a bit of red in these guys (chest ornaments) and I think I'll have the larger or more important guys (Lord, Destroyers) incorporate a bit more red in their carapaces and rib-cages. I may weather the red (not sure how?) to retain the age a bit.

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Posted by Jarrett:

1000 points feels quite tight (was working with my codex last night)! I'm warming up to the idea of a small squad of Immortals in there somewhere. They seem very cool.
Jul 5 '06 @ 8:03 AM

Posted by Langor:

Can't be instant-killed yes, but a regular lord on foot with Toughness 5 can only be instant-kill by strength 10, which doesn't come around much. That and when he is part of a 15-20 man necron warrior squad he is virtualy untouchable. When trucking around with wraiths or destroyers, 2-3 failed armor saves and the destroyer lord is all by his lonesome.

Now don't get me wrong here, I think Destroyer Lords are good. They just work best as a supplement to a Lord on foot when playing in larger games. The urge to convert a Disco Necron Destroyer Lord is Huge!
Jul 5 '06 @ 7:33 AM

Posted by Marky Mark:

I won't get into those "wins"
but the destroyer lord is the bomb.
Can't be instant killed, walks through most anything it fights with, but definately give it the res orb. And yes, with wraiths, you can hunt down pretty much anything.
I totally agree on the no heavy destroyers, they're a waste
lots and lots of necrons though, can't stress that enough
Jul 4 '06 @ 9:58 PM

Posted by Langor:

Yes yes, Mark loves his Destroyer Lord because he forgot to give him a Res Orb. Which is not a bad idea if you plan on runing him with wraiths and tank hunting. The truth is that I find them to be no where near as useful as a lord on foot with a res orb. A destroyer lord with a res orb moves to fast and tends to be out of range of your necron warriors.

Besides, I am 2-0 against Marks Necrons. Wink wink...I loves ya Mark.

I find that there are two kinds of Necron Players. People who think that the only way to go is to max on "Necron" models and little else, and people who think that the Necrons are best used with support units like Monoliths, Heavy Destroyers, Parihas, and Flayed Ones. Just two different frames of mind. I am part of the former.
Jul 4 '06 @ 2:54 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Cool! I like the Immortals but they are expensive ($). Also, Mark seemed to think a Destroyer Lord with Warscythe was pretty kickass. One thing I notice: advice on Necron forces from various sources is very inconsistent :) Everyone has greatly different opinions on what to take or not take.
Jul 4 '06 @ 2:14 PM

Posted by Langor:

Bleh, the warriors don't have disruption fields in 1700pts.
Jul 4 '06 @ 2:12 PM

Posted by Langor:

Just to give you an Idea about the way I think when it comes to Necrons, here are my two lists.

Lord - Res Orb, Veil Of Dark
2x 10 Necron Warriors
10 Necron Immortals w/disruption fields
4 Destroyers

Lord - Res Orb, Veil Of Dark
Lord - Res Orb, Nightmare Shroud
3x 10 Necron Warriors w/disruption fields
2x 8 Necron Immortals w/disruption fields
2x 3 Destroyers

If it ain't Necron, it ain't worth is in my eyes. Unless it keeps Necrons alive longer. That and I am using Old School Disco Necron models because they rock :P
Jul 4 '06 @ 2:09 PM

Posted by Langor:

Well, the Destroyer Lord makes a great addition to a 1700pts force. So you have a few options.

1) Loose the Destroyer Lord and take a normal lord on foot. Loose the Heavy Destroyer. That should give you a few extra points to play around with. My recommendation is to take a few wraiths. They are 100% pain in the arse for any army. That and possibly fill out your scarabs to 10 strong. Two fast moving units on the sides, and one up the middle(destroyers). That with two 14 necron squads makes for a strong force.

2) Loose the Heavy Destroyer. Drop the scarabs down to 5. At that point you should be able to afford 2-3 tomb spiders. They are a great distraction and will help keep your Necrons alive that much longer, that and they will move the same speed as the rest of your army. Besides, who can complain about a 60pts monsterous creature? If you can afford a few more warriors/destroyers, thats where I would say to spend the remainder of your points.
Jul 4 '06 @ 2:05 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Weird - I dont have very many cousins, and none are here in this part of the country. Maybe a cousin-in-law...

I may avoid the Destroyer Lord but the main issue is I already bought him ($$) :) Good point about Heavy destroyer. What would you do to change my 1000 points? (what would you add, subtract)?
Jul 4 '06 @ 1:11 PM

Posted by Langor:

Sounds good Jarrett. If I may make a suggestion, avoid the Destroyer Lord in a 1000pts game. All on his own he will be easy to kill, and Necron Lords are not great when it comes to fighting other Characters. Also, avoid the Heavy Destroyer. Alone their "Will be back" is useless, and they only do about as much damage as a Destroyer when it comes to killing tanks. EX: 1 shot needing 5+ to glance a Land Raider. Or 3 shots needing 6+ to glance.

Just my 2 cents. Hey, I ran into a cousin of your at the Theater whew saw Nacho Libre with the guys from West Ed. I was talking with the person beside me and she asked what we all do, I told her and she said she has a Cousin named Jarrett who paints and sells figures :P

Small world.
Jul 4 '06 @ 1:02 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

I don't have my codex with me but:

1000 Pts:

Necron Lord w/t Destroyer Body, Res Orb, Warscythe and Phylactery: 195

14 Warriors - 252
14 Warriors - 252

3 Destroyers - 150

7 Scarab Swarms - 75?

Maybe I'll add some more warriors or a heavy destroyer to get to 1000


I would probably add at least 12 warriors (1 box :) ), a couple more Heavy Destroyers, maybe a Monolith, and possibly another lord (walking)
Jul 4 '06 @ 9:50 AM

Posted by Langor:

What does your 1000/1700pts list look Like Jarret? I am interested because I find that Necron list are tricky considering the "phase out" rule.
Jul 4 '06 @ 9:34 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Hard to say for certain. The next few weeks are pretty crazy at work, and I have to go to San Francisco overnight Thursday. Having said that, I have 28 warriors and 7 scarab bases all primed and based, with 12 of the warriors almost completed already :)
Jul 3 '06 @ 6:32 PM

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