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Jun 26 '06

7:59 PM

Tau Setback

Well, I don't know if it's the heat or my new can of primer, but 8 Fire Warriors just sorta...corroded. They are all rough and pitted for some reason. As you can imagine, it's painful to lose 8 figs when they cost as much as they do.  I'm going to try to strip them as I can't tell if it's just the primer surface or the actual plastic that is messed up. Argh.
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Posted by Gryphin:

I've also had problems with random batchs of plastic being bad from GW, and as soon as any spray paint hits it, it turns into a cottage cheese texture in the actual plastic itself. Lost 3 Eldar Vypers in 30 seconds this way. Then, a week later, with different primer, lost a box of Eldar Shining Spears too. US$140ish to bad plastics from GW. I now grab a chunk of sprue, and test my primer on that before I do anything with the models.
Jun 29 '06 @ 2:14 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

I usually wash my models, but did not do so this time. I guess I wont make that mistake again :)

Costly mistake too....
Jun 27 '06 @ 8:01 AM

Posted by Patrick Gordon:

Did you wash them first? If you didn't then that is the problem. The spray has reacted with the powder from the molding press and corroded your models. Been there and done that too many time until someone told me. Sorry man.
Jun 27 '06 @ 5:03 AM

Posted by Tinweasel:

If we're talking spray primer, it's likely too much humidity in the air, not thorough enough shaking of the can letting the ball swirl the stuff in the very bottom, or spraying too far away so that it partialy dries in mid-air giving an "orange peel" effect. I hope it's one of these, which a quick strip will remedy.

Pretty common, unfortunately. That's why I built a spray booth out of a box hooked up to my shop vac in the basement. I feel for ya, man!
Jun 26 '06 @ 10:41 PM

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