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Jun 24 '06

9:53 AM

More 40k Army Talk

Well, just got back from my local GW with Codex Tyranids and a box of Stingwings for my Tau   Apparently I dont have enough Tau to paint already!  I think I'm probably going to hit 2000 points when I'm done. Later this weekend I hope to post some photos of a few more things I've completed, such as a Broadside from Forgeworld, as well as a look at some color changes I made to my vehicles. Basically I found that so much grey was just a bit too bland looking, so I've incorporated more orange accents into the vehicle door casings, things like that.  I'm pretty much copying the color layout found at Eastern Empire (and featured in the new White Dwarf I believe).  It will add more work to the vehicles (meaning they are back to being "not done") but I think it will be worth it.  I'll probably have an example Devilfish to post soonish.

As for the necrons vs nids debate on the last post (thanks forall the advice and comments by the way) I think I'm more inspired by the Tyranid models and more likely to paint them up because of that. Then again, I'm also painting nids for a friend so I might get sick of them

I definitely have WAY too many figures waiting to be painted lately, and probably too many armies. I think another ebay session is coming soon. Possibly will be listing my Cygnar army on there and keeping my Khador force for Warmachine.


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Posted by Hollyfield:

Posted by Durniak:

Posted by Phillip:

Posted by Svenska:

I love your stuff (I'm a new necron player) but that one robot looks kinda off. Like he is waddling or doesn't have a knee joint....don't want to seem rude though.
Nov 27 '06 @ 1:54 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Yep, I love your Tau Sebastian! The colors are soooo smooth, and the grey is a superb accent color.
Jun 27 '06 @ 6:00 PM

Posted by Sebastian:

Nicely done indeed Jarret, imagine my surprise on reading your thoughts about my work. At first glance I had found the pattern of placement familiar, It's very cool to get a professional nod from a painter such as yourself, particularly since I have been admiring your work for several years now.

Really like the strong area painting, looking forward to the complete 2000! :)

Jun 27 '06 @ 4:50 PM

Posted by Tim Whittemore:

Jarrett...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! What great progress on this Tau army. I gotta say, I'm gonna copy what you've done here for my own. Your work continues to dazzle, keep it up.
Jun 25 '06 @ 8:10 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Yeah I need to add some flock. I'm keeping the bases fairly simple so that I don't bog down and never finish anything :D
Jun 24 '06 @ 5:58 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

I really like how the orange contrasts and breaks up the sections on the model man, it looks good.
what is with the basing though? it just looks really plain. :)
Jun 24 '06 @ 5:53 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Thanks Tim! I worked it out, and I'm about 13 Fire Warriors away from a 1500 point playable force (although, probably a sub-optimal one) because of the 2 troop slot requirement. It's getting very close :)

Feb 4 '00 @ 8:26 AM

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