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Jun 21 '06

9:41 AM

Tau - bad choice for a first 40k army?

I continue to flirt with either keeping this Tau army I'm working on, or doing another one in a different color variant to keep. Apparently I dont mind painting a bazillion fire warriors?

For those of you who play 40k, or Tau for that matter - is this a mistake, taking Tau as a first army? Will I get my ass kicked, so to speak? Whenever I read about Tau, I get the impression they are hard to use and a bad choice for beginners.  Feel free to share your thoughts on this by posting a comment. 

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Posted by Me:

I started with Tau, and have had a lot of fun with them. They are a little hard to start with, however, as I did, but I'm happy with my decision. Necrons are considered very cheesy by most people, probably because of the fact that most of the time, if they die, they can take a roll to see if they come back to life. And, often, they do. Playing against them can be very frustrating and/or boring, although I don't know about playing as/with them. Other good armies to start with are Tyranids and Orks, the former being (IMO) easier to paint, but slightly harder to play with, and the latter being harder to paint, but easier to play with for beginners (just charge in.) Of course, for both of these armies, although easy to use, there are also many strategies, and advanced things you can do with them. Such as, you might want to infiltrate and stay in cover to avoid getting shot, since neither have very good armor.

Lastly, there's Space Marines. Having never played against/as them, I don't have much to say, other than that they are good at pretty much everything, and look fun as hell to paint. I never did 'em though because they're too popular. But, in previous posts, I see that you played as Salamanders, or am I mistaken?

Anyways, I hope this helped.
Jun 26 '06 @ 4:23 PM

Posted by Eric:

Hey Jarrett,
Tau or necrons are a great choice to start with. They both have heavy firepower at long range. The Necrons are a little easier to start with as it is easy to come up with good squad combinations (just about all of the units are good) but you can achieve this with the Tau as well. Just think long-range firepower! If you set up your army right, your opponent won't even get close to you!

Hope this helps!
Jun 24 '06 @ 7:51 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Yep, those nids went to a better home...
Jun 23 '06 @ 11:03 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

Man, you had a pretty cool looking 'Nid army about a year ago, did you part with that?
and as to the Necrons, they are alot of fun to play, and you can make them look nice (not all drybrushed boltgun) pretty quick.
Jun 23 '06 @ 7:25 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Thanks for the kind words, Brian :) Unfortunately no, I don't really do commissions right now. No time (just time to paint for myself, occassionally friends, and ebay lately).
Jun 23 '06 @ 5:24 PM

Posted by Brian:

Hey Jarrett,

I know a while back you were painting commissioned space marine armies. I was wondering if you still do this or would be interested in doing it. I've always loved your salamander golden daemon entry and I would like to start a salamander army. If you are interested that would be great. If not I understand.
Jun 23 '06 @ 3:49 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

I've also considered Necrons - looks like it would be fast to paint them - but I seem to recall reading that they are kinda boring to play with or against. I could be wrong.
Jun 23 '06 @ 7:29 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Actually I sold that army a long, long time ago :)
Jun 22 '06 @ 5:58 PM

Posted by Brian:

Hi Jarret,
This is your first army to play with? What happened to your blood ravens army?
Jun 22 '06 @ 5:16 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Cool :) I must admit, Tyranid are the other race I would probably consider - the new Carnifex is just too awesome to ignore :D
Jun 22 '06 @ 8:16 AM

Posted by Stephen herner:

Jarrett, I started playing 40k for the first time one year ago and decided to jump in head first with Tau. It took me a bit of time to figure them out and I did suffer major ass kickings at the hands of my sons who play Space Marines and Nids. But once I went to mobile tatics I have turned the tables on them. Tau are worth the learning the curve. Good luck and if you decide to join the "Greater Good" welcome.
Jun 22 '06 @ 8:13 AM

Posted by BenK:

Jarrett, though I must admit I haven't played 40k in forever, I would say that the Tau would be one of the more difficult armies to start with. They rely heavily on shooting and manuver (sp?) which make them fun to play but challenging. For my tastes I would say that Tyranids would be a good choice to start with as the swarm army doesn't take too much tactical genius. That said, if you like the Tau the best and are willing to take some lumps at the beginning I would say that you should stick with them. Any army will have its growing pains and takes some time to use to their best ability. I find I usually learn much more from my losses about what I need to do as opposed to my wins anyway. If you stick with the Tau and learn their tricks I think in the long run it will work for you. In the meantime you might take some drubbings though. Just my two cents. Ben
Jun 21 '06 @ 8:38 PM

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