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Jun 18 '06

6:33 PM

Happy Father's Day

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a great Father's day.

I'm slowly getting back to the brushes - tonight I went back to the Tau army I've been working on. I finished up all the vehicles, so it looks like I'm down to a bunch of fire warriors and a few crisis suits.  My goal is to finish them pretty soon as I am going to be doing some Tyranids for a friend in the next couple of weeks. I halfway want to keep these Tau after reading the new City of Death add-on for 40k. Very cool!

Speaking of Cities of Death - gotta give huge props to GW for these building kits. They take a little work to get the best results, but their interchangeability and convertability are awesome. They are also suitable for more than just 40k. For example, the Manufactorum could easily be a Warjack factory for Warmachine



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