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Jun 9 '06

7:34 AM

Games Day Canada

Jeez, would it kill GW Canada to post the Golden Demon coverage? Getting impatient here! If anyone has links to amateur photos of the event, I'd love to see them. So far I've only seen the Slayer winner.
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Posted by Jarrett:

Wow - even from that small selection of shots it looks like the quality of entries overall was excellent! Thanks for sharing those!
Jun 10 '06 @ 4:40 PM

Posted by JF:

Got a few pics on my website: http://www.daemonicaura.com

GW Canada won't be posting the pics before the middle of next week. They got a few thousands pics to go through and don't wanna do a sloppy job.
Jun 10 '06 @ 12:07 PM

Posted by Patrick Gordon:

I agree. I haven't even seen the Slayer Winner yet.
Jun 9 '06 @ 4:29 PM

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