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Jun 3 '06

9:31 PM


Just a small update to show a couple of Confrontation minis I did. I'm working on two forces: Behemoth and Goblins - although, the odds of completing both (300 points each) are lowish, based on my past history I can't seem to duplicate the Rackham style of multi-hued faces (various colors of blue, pink etc). Also, my NMM is hella-rusty here. I'm trying the "add little scratches" thing and it totally fails on my Goblin's sword

If anyone has links to a gallery from GD Canada 06 I'd love to see pictures. I've seen the Slayer winner by Jeremie on CMON. It's technically astonishing, but I don't love it for a GD entry. Ditto with Victor's Demon Prince. I guess I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to the Demons - I prefer less scratch-building and for entries to fit the setting/flavor of the game systems a bit more closely. I really dislike the religious undertones of Victor's entry even though on the whole it's an utter masterpiece. Just not my cup of tea.

That, of course, is a personal point of view which I don't expect others to share   Also, it's starting to seem like you have to be a brilliant 2D artist to compete - no matter how great you are at painting miniatures, you will get your ass kicked if you can't do a spectacular 2D painting on a banner, mural setting, shield etc.

I find it a bit of a bummer. Mostly cuz I suck at 2D and freehanding LOL

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Posted by Jarrett:

The major blow is the loss of Rolloson - he's a big part of why we got this far. Hopefully our backup goalies can fill in for him and the rest of the team can make up for the loss...
Jun 6 '06 @ 7:39 AM

Posted by BenK:

Jarrett, the only thing with Victor's entry is that it was DQ'ed in the UK two years ago due to the imagery. He should have either changed some of it or not entered again. By allowing the entry in they confused the situation even worse. I think that Jeremie's Ogre was entirely scratch built with no GW bits at all. I am okay with this overall but I think that the scratchbuilt needs to look like it is an actual GW sculpt. I felt that a few of the French demon winners suffered from the same problem. There is no denying the quality it is just a matter of whether or not they belong in a GW painting competition. Anyway I suppose we should be happy to see such great pieces regardless of GW ethos or no. Too bad about the Oilers tonight they seem to be suffering the fate of the Avs and Ducks who both had to wait for thier opponent to finish their series. Ben
Jun 5 '06 @ 9:41 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

"I think that it either needed to be DQ'ed or it should have won the whole thing. You can't allow it to be entered and then downgrade it due to other objections. "

That's true. It's very awkward - I mean, how do you look at a piece this incredible when he shows up at the counter and say "um, no" LOL As a (lazy, non-practicing) Catholic the imagery makes me uncomfortable. I'd prefer to leave Jesus and Mary off my 40k Demon Princes. To me they mix like Peanut Butter and....Salsa. Or something That said, you are right - once it was entered, it probably should have won. It's technically brilliant. As for scratch-building - we both agree we like to see entries that stick to the GW ethos. I also like to see more GW bitz although then you are treading between scratch-built and converted. I think the only GW bit in Jeremie's entry is the Ogre head? Not sure. Again, not really my cup of tea.
Jun 5 '06 @ 8:02 AM

Posted by BenK:

Jarrett, I think you are being a little hard on yourself. I really like the multicolored Orc face and the scratching on the sword was what caught my eye on the Goblin. I think they are both very nicely done overall. I agree with you about Jeremie's Ogre. It is absolutely amazing as a painted miniature. I saw it on the top ten at CMON for about 3 days before someone pointed out to me that it was the piece that won the Sword. I just didn't think it looked at all like a GW figure when I was looking at it. I am a little more mixed on Victor's Demon. I think that it either needed to be DQ'ed or it should have won the whole thing. You can't allow it to be entered and then downgrade it due to other objections. It also is a great piece of art. I am not as bothered about the imagery as many as the 40k universe is based on many of our religious type beleifs. I can see why some people would find it objectionable though. As for the scratchbuilt thing, I think it is great when done withing the ideals of GW lines. I think Steve Buddle's Ogre from the UK Gamesday last year is a perfect example of how well a scratchbuilt model can be done and still stay within the GW ethos. Just my two cents. Or six cents as I seem to have rambled on. :)
Jun 5 '06 @ 7:28 AM

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