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Apr 29 '06

3:08 PM

New Addition to my Hordes Trollbloods Force

Here's Hoarluck Doomshaper, my second Trollbloods Warlock!

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Posted by Jarrett:

May 4 '06 @ 6:51 PM

Posted by Patrick G:

Beautiful work as usual man. I just started some Trollbloods myself. Do you base these white or black?
May 4 '06 @ 4:40 PM

Posted by Brad:

I love the game too! I love how each faction has its own strengths to play on, and am interested to see how the hordes factions match up against the warmachines
May 1 '06 @ 1:58 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

I think the game is a blast, personally :)
May 1 '06 @ 8:58 AM

Posted by Al Gleason:

Just bought my first Hordes box set - awesome miniatures. How does the game play?

Great job on the Trollblood!

May 1 '06 @ 8:30 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Could be a little while, mostly due to the baby :) My next Hordes is probably Circle - I have a Warpwolf and Baldur waiting for primer. I also have a primed Everblight set but those will probably not be done for a while. I'm more into the Circle right now.
Apr 30 '06 @ 9:23 AM

Posted by Brad:

He looks great. The tones are great and really match the rest of your force. Whats the next hordes painting project going to be? I just went and got a secong circle box set to make a 500point force. Next time your at the club let me know and we can have a match!
Cheers, B
Apr 30 '06 @ 9:20 AM

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