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Apr 16 '06

12:38 PM

Tau Group Shot

Hm - here's a group shot of what I have done so far (note the addition of the pathfinder team with their Devilfish. Considering I'm giong to be adding a lot more stuff to the force, this large piece of paper isn't going to work so hot for getting one large army picture   May have to take 2 shots to fit it all in eventually.

This is a pretty crap photo (the color shifted a bit towards blue I think) but gets the idea across.

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Posted by Jarrett:

I'll post it here in case anyone else is curious. Basically I just do a "darkest tone I plan to use" basecoat, usually a mix of dwarf flesh and bronzed flesh. A bit of Liquitex flow-aid helps it go over black primer nicely. Then I bring that base coat up in highlites by adding Elf flesh, usually for several highlites, and eventually white. I tend to paint that way starting with my darkest tone. I ink-wash flesh 50% of the time (each time is different). For pale flesh, I'd start with Elf flesh + Dwarf flesh, and bring it up by adding Palid flesh.

Apr 28 '06 @ 9:45 PM

Posted by Brad:

Hi Jarrett! Sorry to ask you a skin tone question on this Tau area, but I am wondering if you could email me some ideas on painting skin tones. I really like your coven witche's skin tones...what are the steps? Kaya (hordes) needs some skin!!!
Cheers, Brad
Apr 28 '06 @ 8:42 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Thanks Brad, and nice to meet you too. Glad the basing tip works :D
Apr 24 '06 @ 9:15 PM

Posted by Brad:

Jarrett! That basing tip you gave me works! Thanks for the help with that and it was good to meet you on Saturday! That was a georgeous Troll warband man!!
Cheers, Brad
Apr 24 '06 @ 9:14 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Yep, still a fair bit to do. The bases will be brown. I fixed the black ones after taking this photo.
Apr 23 '06 @ 4:37 PM

Posted by Dan Byer:

Looks good, and with 6 Pirahnas you should have a decent amount of points going there. Just need more Fire Warriors and some Forgeworld Battlesuits and you'll be in business

BTW are the bases going to be black rimmed or brown? I don't think anyone's said anything about the mix yet.
Apr 23 '06 @ 4:25 PM

Posted by Brad:

cool ill see you there then!! Ill come introduce myself! till Sat!
Apr 19 '06 @ 8:48 PM

Posted by Anonymous:

Heh :) Yeah, Gamers Lair in Northeast Edmonton.

Bear in mind, I haven't painted any GW in *months* so this is actually a break from Warmachine in a way......
Apr 19 '06 @ 8:46 PM

Posted by Brad:

P.S. in edmonton by chance?
Apr 19 '06 @ 8:45 PM

Posted by Brad:

too much 40k on your brain Jarrett!! ...must...break...away... and paint something else!
B :)
Apr 19 '06 @ 8:43 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

PS I'm also doing a few nids for a friend, although those aren't for public display :P
Apr 19 '06 @ 8:34 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Oh, I'll be at our local club on Saturday for unleashed, playing my fully painted Troll box :) I'll probably pick up Orboros as well - kinda sad I sold the ones I had painted up :D
Apr 19 '06 @ 8:33 PM

Posted by Brad:

with Hordes out this Saturday, how can you not get a model or two worked on as a break! I have the Circle box set preordered and am entering the local clubs competition of putting together and playing a tournament with the box sets. Should be fun!
Cheers, B
Apr 19 '06 @ 8:29 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Funny you should say that - I've been thinking I should take a break (almost finished 6 Pirahnnas!). But I'm worried if I lose momentum I won't get it back and finish the force.
Apr 18 '06 @ 8:07 PM

Posted by Brad:

looks good Jarrett, very cohesive, with a simple yet elegant color scheme. Your right, the models do look blue! Now take a break from Tau and lets see some WM or Confrontation get painted!! :)
Cheers, B
Apr 18 '06 @ 7:13 PM

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